Community Cats Program

If You Feed ‘Em, Fix ‘Em…

You can find them in every neighborhood. Behind every restaurant. Lurking around every school.


At HSSM, we call these stray/outdoor/feral/neighborhood felines “Community Cats”. They are in your area, and people feed them, but no one really owns them so they get fed but they rarely ever see a Veterinarian and they JUST KEEP MULTIPLYING!

HSSM is here to help! Our Community Cats program operates on a Trap-Neuter-Return (T-N-R) model and it is FREE!

In fact, Trap-Neuter-Return is one of the four “legs” integral in helping HSSM achieve Countdown to Zero and eliminating the euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets in South Mississippi.

Call HSSM today to talk to a Staff Member about YOUR Community Cats: 228-863-3354 ext. 129 or 130!

34 feral cats (all trapped in one day) await surgery in HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic.

But I just want the cats REMOVED from my area!

Many people call wanting the cats in their area removed completely. It is true that many communities have tried to control the cat population through Trap-and-Relocate or Trap-and-Eliminate methods.

However, these methods have proven ineffective in curbing the cat population in the affected areas.

The truth is that cats are calling your area home for a reason. Whether it is a food source, favorable shelter, or something else they find attractive, these cats are around for a reason. If you remove the current cats, more cats will simply move in to take their place.

This is the beauty of Trap-Neuter-Return (T-N-R). T-N-R takes the cats that are in your area and fixes them, rendering them unable to reproduce. So these cats are still filling a spot in the “ecosystem” of your area, but they cannot produce any more kittens. Also, fixing these cats eliminates many of the annoying traits of neighborhood cats: yowling, spraying, and fighting to name a few.

With the biological drive to reproduce removed, you may even grow fond of your neighborhood cats, as they are a great source of pest control!

Still not 100% Sold? Call 228-863-3354 ext. 129 or 130 TODAY for more info!!!

Eartip Example*All cats fixed through HSSM’s Community Cats T-N-R program must be ear tipped to qualify. Ear tipping entails removing a portion of the upper part of the left ear, which enables us to more easily identify fixed cats from a distance, in order to avoid a second unnecessary surgery. FREE services only available to residents of Gulfport and Biloxi. Low-Cost options avaialbel to outdoor cats from other areas.


Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of South Mississippi is to save and enhance the lives of pets through cooperative and innovative approaches to adoption, spay/neuter, sheltering and community engagement.

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