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Definition-Bandit (Ban-dit) Spanish-Bandito.                                                                   Fairly small funny dog with messy hair and Shih Tzu (pronounced Sheet Sue) under bite. Born-from a mother rescued from a puppy mill. Adopted-from the Humane Society of South Mississippi’s Rock’N Roll Over fundraiser in 2012. Friendly towards strangers-very!! Easy to groom-not! Other dog friendly-extremely. Intelligent-quite! Working dog-no way. Mind of his own-absolutely. Must have belly scratched regularly-Yes! Energy level-boundless. Playfulness-Where’s my bone? Potential for best friendship-100%. Preciousness scale-off the chart.


Bandit’s Story as told by his mother, Barbara Allen: barb-bandit-bentley

From the moment I saw the tiny Shih Tzu puppy at the 2012 Patron’s Party for the Humane Society of South Mississippi, I knew this little handful of fluff was going to be mine.  However, I had to wait for the upcoming, Annual Rock ‘N Roll Over fundraiser before I could bid on him at the silent auction.  I overheard a lady saying she was going to get him, but I thought “oh no, I’m really sorry but this is my puppy”.  During the auction, she would bid and then I would come right behind her and bid again.  After many times of going back and forth, she finally decided she could go no higher-so he was mine at last!!  It went down as one of the best days of my life!  I late found out that he had been in his mother’s womb when a Wiggin’s “puppy mill” was raided.  The dogs were removed and either brought to HSSM or to foster homes.  Bandit’s mother was fostered out since she was very pregnant.  She delivered about 10 puppies and Bandit was the biggest and most robust so HSSM decided to put him in the Rock ‘N Roll Over silent auction where I was able to bring him home that very night!

He immediately made himself right at home playing with Bentley, my then 6 year old pedigreed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Bentley adopted him right away.  They became brothers and never left each others’ side.

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer one year later and the Chemotherapy put me in bed for nearly a year.  Bandit was my constant companion and his watching over me helped the healing process.  It was as if he felt my pain.  If the dogs were out playing, the minute he was back in the house, he ran to my bed and laid down on my chest.  I was too sick to train Bandit like I had Bentley, but he learned all the commands just by watching Bentley!

Last year, Bentley got very sick and was in the veterinary hospital for almost a week. When he came home, he was still very weak.  Bandit stood guard over him the entire time. He knew not to try and play with him until Bentley was well.  Bentley died of Leukemia this past summer.  Bandit and I were heartbroken and he became even more attached to me. My beloved husband died in 2013, so Bandit has now been dubbed “my little husband”.

This is a very much loved baby!  I obviously adore him, but everyone else falls in love with him too.  Thank you Humane Society of South Mississippi for my best friend!!


Bandit is quite a character.  He loves to roll around on a lavender scented cotton pad.  He mashes his head on it and rubs it all over his face.  Then, he rubs his body all over it. Looks like a cat with catnip!  And it’s easy to find him, just follow your nose.  He’ll be the good-smelling lavender guy.


This baby LOVES his toys and out of all the expensive toys I have bought him from different pet stores, his absolute favorite is this little purple rubber bone that I picked up one day while I was rushing through the grocery store that cost $1.50.  It was love at first sight when he saw it.  He never goes anywhere without it so I had to quickly buy two more for backup!  He follows me everywhere and ALWAYS wants his toys with him.  So, when I move from one room to another, he dutifully brings all of his “children” aka toys with him. He goes and gets each of the dozen or so toys and brings them where we are.  He places them in a circle and lays in the middle of them.  Sometimes, when I leave shortly thereafter, he gives me a look like…really?  Now I have to go get them again? But no, he does not put them away, there are toys everywhere!!


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