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HSSM is home to over 300 pets on any given day, most of which are looking for new forever homes! Your new best friend could be waiting at HSSM right now.

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Adoption Process

HSSM strives to make the adoption process open, easy and fun! Adoptions are first-come, first served. You must come to HSSM to complete your adoption and make sure you bring a photo ID, as it is required to complete adoption paperwork.

When You Visit

When you enter HSSM’s adoption mall, you won’t be able to miss all those wagging tails and purring kitties in the windows. Feel free to have a look around. If you have a particular pet in mind, please let one of our Adoption Counselors know so we can expedite your search.

Let’s Chat!

When you have spotted a pet you’re interested in, one or more of our trained adoption counselors or volunteers will be on hand to discuss what you’re looking for in your new pet. We provide this service to make the best match for you and the pets we serve.

Hands-On Experience

Although upon entry we ask that you not touch the kennels or animals to reduce the spread of illness, once you’ve found a pet you’re interested in adopting, we highly encourage interaction! Our Adoption Counselors will be happy to facilitate a meeting, a cuddle session or even an interaction between your current pets and the new pet you’d like to adopt.

A Little Paperwork Goes A Long Way

Now you have found the perfect pet for you, ensured that it is a good match for your lifestyle, and you’ve had some one-on-one time. All that is left is a little bit of paperwork to be filled out. Don’t forget that photo ID–it is needed to complete the adoption paperwork!

Same Day Adoptions?

If the pet you’ve selected is already spayed or neutered, you will be able to take him/her home that very same day. If your pet has to stay to be “fixed”, it will be 2-5 business days before you can return to take your new pet home. HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic will contact you once your pet is ready to be picked up.

Primp Your Pet

When taking home a new pet, you will undoubtedly need some new stuff for him/her! HSSM has you covered, with a full line of collars, leashes, ID tags, clothing, treats, food, bowls and more in our on-site BowWow Meow Boutique where you can spoil your pet and feel good about it, because all the proceeds stay at HSSM to help us care for the nearly 8,000 homeless pets we serve each year! And even better, on the day of adoption, you get 10% off of your entire purchase!


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Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of South Mississippi is to save and enhance the lives of pets through cooperative and innovative approaches to adoption, spay/neuter, sheltering and community engagement.

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