Adoption Fees

Puppies under 9 months:  $110 to $350 Kittens (under 9 mos): $60 to $75
Dogs 10 months to 5 years:  $95 to $350 Adult Cats (10 mos+): $40 to $75
Young at Heart Dogs 5+ years:  $60 to $125 Lap Lovers: $20
Muttley Crue:  $75
Lonely Hearts:  $40

*Adoption fees are subject to change without notice.

Pet categories



HSSM asks a higher adoption fee for our Very Important Pets (VIPs). These dogs and cats are selected based on their high adoptability. Breed, size, age, and other factors are considered when selecting VIPs. It is the mission of these highly desirable pets to leave a financial legacy to care for the animals who take longer to get adopted.



golden-agers2YOUNG AT HEART

HSSM’s Young at Heart category consists of dogs age 5 and older. Often, these pets are already spayed/neutered, may be fully house trained, and have lived with a family before. Don’t let age deter you from adoption! These dogs are truly young pups at heart.




The Muttley Crue is a special group of misfit pooches. These dogs do not fit in one particular category, so we’ve made one especially for them, because to us, they’re all rock stars! Muttley Crue dogs are truly diamonds in the rough, and with a little TLC, we know they will shine!



lonely-heart-TWOLONELY HEART

A pet becomes a Lonely Heart when he/she has been at HSSM looking for a home for more than 30 days. They may already be house-trained, know tricks and have known the love of a family and through unfortunate circumstances have come to find themselves in the shelter, and even worse, have been in the shelter too long!



The Lap Lover category includes cats who have been at HSSM for 30 days or longer, or cats age 5 and older. These friendly felines are just looking for a lap to nap on! Often, Lap Lovers are already litter box trained, spayed/neutered, and have lived in a family dwelling previously.




What Does My Adoption Fee Include?

  • Your new pet
  • Spay /Neuter
  • Up-to-date Vaccinations
  • Microchip & engraved ID tag
  • Free vet exam within 7 days of adoption
  • 30 days of FREE 24hour Pet Watch Pet Health Insurance
  • FREE starter bag of Hill’s Science Diet food
  • A lifetime of unconditional love!

Adoption Information Adoption Specials

Standard Discounts

Foster Parents:  10% off the regular adoption fee of a foster pet
Twice as Nice: Discounts apply when adopting more than one pet at a time. Speak with an adoption counselor for details!
Senior Citizens: 20% off the regular adoption fee for persons 65+.


Please note –– throughout the year, pets may have lowered or waived adoption fees as part of adoption specials. Occasionally, highly desirable and purebred pets may have an increased adoption fee ($175 – $350) to help sustain adoption specials and ensure continued animal care is possible for other pets in need. if you have any questions about fees please email


Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of South Mississippi is to save and enhance the lives of pets through cooperative and innovative approaches to adoption, spay/neuter, sheltering and community engagement.

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