Reporting Abuse & Neglect

HSSM encourages anyone who has seen abuse or neglect of an animal to contact the appropriate authorities. However, HSSM has no legal authority to intervene in cases of abuse and neglect.

Please contact the appropriate authorities when reporting neglect and abuse. The below list contains contact information for local Animal Control Agencies.

Long Beach:
Pass Christian:
Harrison County:
Jackson County:
Moss Point:
Ocean Springs:
Bay St. Louis:
Hancock County:
228-863-7292 or 228-865-1985
228-897-1364 or 228-865-7060
228-497-6350 or 228-769-3063
228-938-6257 or 228-762-2211 or 228-497-1711
228-466-5536 or 228-255-9191 (after hours)

Mississippi has some of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the United States. Just last year we finally got a felony animal cruelty law on the state books. However, this law makes animal cruelty a felony only on the Second offense. Please write your senators and congressmen, impressing upon them the importance of strong animal cruelty laws.

Help Us Help You.

Have you filed an abuse/neglect complaint with Animal Control? Use the form below to give us the details of the complaint, and we will follow up with the case to the best of our ability.

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Date of Contact with Animal Control :
Type of animals involved : *
Area/Jurisdiction : *
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