Owner Support

Owner Support

The Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM) provides over 20,000 animal services each year. We care for and house 10,000 homeless pets each year, provide microchipping for thousands of owned pets, perform 11,000 spay/neuter surgeries and reunite thousands of lost pets with their owners!

Lost & Found

HSSM is the first place many owners look for their lost pets in Harrison County. At any given time we have 300 pets in our shelter many of whom are waiting for their owners to find them! Whether you’ve lost a pet or found a pet you can find more information by clicking any of these links:

Lost A Pet? Found A Pet? Lost Pet Listing Reclaiming a Pet

Surrendering a Pet

There are many reasons for why you may be considering giving up your pet. HSSM encourages you to attempt to Re-Home your pet RESPONSIBLY, but we are here to help if you decide to surrender your pet.

Re-Homing A Pet Surrendering A Pet

Low-Cost Pet Identification

HSSM provides several options to you as a current pet owner to make sure that your pets are protected against ending up in the shelter. Click here for information on HSSM’s Low-Cost Pet Identification program and Tag ‘Em! South Mississippi.

Low-Cost Pet ID Tag ‘Em! South Mississippi

Got Outdoor Cats?

HSSM has assistance available for residents of Harrison County who have neighborhoods or businesses overrun by outdoor cats! Click here to learn more about HSSM’s Trap-Neuter-Return program!

Owner Requested Euthanasia Services

Many pet owners are facing the difficult decision to have an old or sick pet humanely put to sleep. HSSM can provide euthanasia services to in need owners. Click here to read more.

Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

As residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we are always on alert during Hurricane Season. But as a pet owner are you prepared? Make sure your pets are protected too! Click here for Hurricane Preparedness tips for Pet Owners!


Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of South Mississippi is to save and enhance the lives of pets through cooperative and innovative approaches to adoption, spay/neuter, sheltering and community engagement.

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